Self defense to self discovery. Uncover an edge that lasts a lifetime.

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Transformational Self-Defense

Developing a sense of self
worth fighting for.

CEK Boxing Gloves

The Physical Edge

Confidence in Your Body
Your body is your means to accomplish all action in your life—so take care of it.

CEK Tomoe

The Mental Edge

Confidence in Your Mind
Your mind is your means to decide what actions to take—so use it well.

CEK Yin Yang

The Spiritual Edge

Confidence in Your Character
Your character is your means to self-esteem and happiness—so build it with integrity.

Feed Mind, Body and Soul.

Competitive Edge Karate in Richmond, Self Defense in Richmond, Kickboxing in Richmond

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Competitive edge Karate

you have a choice

There are boundless activities in our community and there are many different martial arts schools, programs and styles available.

The choice for a marital arts program should not be based on the style being taught but rather the applications and values that are emphasized in the martial arts program.

Join us today and experience the positive impact CEK has on our students and their daily lives.

- Kyoshi Roger Dabney - CEK Founder


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