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Self Defense System

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Develop confidence in every situation. When you're confronted with danger or being in harm’s way, it is natural to feel fear.

Learn to turn the rush of fear into a powerful energy that when accompanied by swift and decisive moves, allows you to overwhelm and neutralize any situation.

CEK's multi-range system; various strikes, grabs and throws, constitutes an adaptable and proven line of defense.

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After a long day at work, I never had the energy to do anything. This year I decided to get involved in something in the evening for fun.
CEK’s staff made martial arts training exciting and rewarding. I’ve gained more energy and lost ten pounds.

Stephanie Rollin

The self-confidence I have achieved from learning self-defense techniques at Competitive Edge Karate have positively affected every aspect of my life.
I’m not afraid to speak up in meetings at work now, and I feel safer knowing I can protect myself and my family.

George P. Jacobs

I tried to lose weight and tone up for years. Since I started training at CEK, my whole outlook has changed.
Training improved my self-discipline and without this, no plan is going to work. I’m at my goal weight now and continue training at CEK to stay that way.

Brian S. Thornton