Athletic prowess: strength, speed, agility,
hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power.

Unleash Your Power 

Competitive Edge Kickboxing

Compete against the best version of yourself.


Powerful Performance

Kickboxing develops strength in the mind, body and spirit. Build a Better Body!!

Cardiovascular Fitness

Progress to a heart pounding & breath swallowing workout!Yes BURN FAT!

Total Flexibility

This is where we bend without breaking. There's no compromise only change.

Stress Release

Kickboxing produces a natural endorphin rush and reduces stress.

Energy Balance

It's more than just calories. Learn as you burn.

Move The way YOur Made

Kickboxing is a total body system. Lose Weight, Look Great!

to look like a champion

Train With A Champion

Where Kickboxing Meets Self Defense

Kickboxing is an explosive, power endurance sport. Executing kicks and punches, round after round, hitting the heavy bag or boxing mitts challenges your power & endurance. Kickboxing is one of the most physically demanding sports of all.

The skill enhancement portion of your workout will consist of shadow boxing, heavy bag work, focus mitts with a partner and defensive drills.

Learn how to slip and block kicks & punches to improve reaction time and use counter techniques. This is where our championship program prepares the "self worth defending"; If ever needed you can apply these skills and successfully fend off attackers.

CEK Champions Focus Pad Training CEK Facility